Our great nation stands at such a crossroads today. A great evil has snuck into the White House and is determined to see America fall. As Americans, we can't just sit back and let this happen.

I stand before you with a steadfast conviction that there is ONLY ONE MAN, one leader, tried and tested, who can marshal our collective spirit and steer us back onto the path of prosperity and greatness. That man is Donald J. Trump.

We've seen what Donald Trump is capable of; we know the heights America can reach with him at the wheel. It is time to remember that feeling of unshakable pride, of invincible confidence, and of boundless optimism.

We started Buy The Wall, because we believe in Trump. We believe he can help us save America. But he needs us, just as much as we need him.

Buy The Wall was founded to find like minded American patriots that are willing to fight for our country. For every product sold in this store, our support for Donald Trump's grows. America's future is once again reunited!

We need to support Trump in his time of need, under fire from endless prosecution, unable to rally across the country. We need to show the rest of the country that we stand behind Trump.

They are trying to financially drain him with endless court battles, hoping that he will give up on his quest to become the 47th President of America.

We might not solve the issue on our own, but we have to do our part! We as Americans NEED Trump to win in November! Every small contribution counts.

We need to build that wall. We need to take our country back from the 12 million+ illegal aliens that have flooded our border.

Join me, my fellow patriots, in this crusade to reclaim the soul of our country. Buy something from our store today and help us save America. Each product bought is a 'brick' bought and placed in the wall of our border.

As we look to the future, let's place our trust once more in a leader who has never stopped believing in the greatness of America. Let's make America great again, AGAIN!